Yokohama aims at achieving complete zero emissions




BluEarth brand combines advanced technologies to deliver Environmental, Human and Socially friendly solutions. The BluEarth concept that is based on a new blend with orange oil considered a breakthrough for the entire tyre industry. The technology allows YOKOHAMA to create a safe product with excellent performance and at the same time ecological. The use of orange oil in the mixture provides tyre with low rolling resistance and fuel efficiency while driving at a constant speed, while acceleration, braking, turning and fast driving it allows to create a higher temperature in tyre to improve its grip, but maintaining low fuel consumption.


The revolutionary Zenvironment concept proves that technology can increase efficiency while ensuring the highest fuel economy and durability of tires, thus affecting the reduction of costs for companies and environmental protection. Regardless of how we improve the tyre characteristics, it must be disposed of properly. Waste reduction is the first step in caring for the environment. YOKOHAMA uses the 3R rule:


REDUCE - minimize consumption by producing tyres with a long mileage and a strong profile.

REUSE - retreading worn tyres.

RECYCLE - utilization of used tyres by thermal recycling or as a component of cementitious material.



Under a basic policy of asserting world-class strengths in technologies for protecting the environment, as stated in its Medium-Range Management Plan: Grand Design 100 (GD100), the YOKOHAMA Rubber Group has endorsed the concept of "top-level environmental friendliness in production." A priority issue in that declaration is the reduction of waste emissions at domestic and overseas production sites.

In Japan, all eight of YOKOHAMA's own production sites have maintained "complete zero emissions" since March 2006, and had achieved 100% recycling of industrial waste by the end of 2009.



The campaign is held under the direction of renowned ecologist, Dr. Akira Miyawaki, who is recognised for his successful reforestation activities around the world. Under his guidance, The YOKOHAMA Rubber Co., Ltd., is on course to plant its goal of half a million trees over a ten-year period at YOKOHAMA’s 17 locations around the globe.  To date, over 200,000 trees have been planted in Japan, the Philippines, China, Vietnam, Thailand, and the United States.